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Low price for poor quality is not a good deal.

by Web Admin | Aug 05, 2016

This trap is easy to fall into. The price looks great for the initial purchase, but costs compound over the life of the product when dealing with hassles, potential down-time, material failures or less than stellar service. What appeared to be a great deal, can quickly turn into a budget busting nightmare.


That’s why we don’t compromise our quality standards to undercut the competition. At Lowen Color Graphics we keep an eye on the life-cycle cost of your graphics. Your purchase price comes with peace of mind that hidden expenses are not going to pop up as your graphics age and wear.


As you compare prices on your next project, we encourage you to compare apples to apples. Many companies will make what seem like small substitutions in materials or production methods in order to artificially undercut competitors. It is these shortcuts that can increase cost exponentially in the long run. Sometimes few extra dollars up front can save you real money and headaches in the end.


Graphics from Lowen come with the reassurance of 66 years of experience in the industry, a commitment to quality, and the 3M™ MCS™ warranty (the most comprehensive in the industry). Most importantly, we provide our customers the lowest price available on the best quality and service in the industry.  Let us show you what we can do for your fleet graphics program. Call today to get started.