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  • Low price for poor quality is not a good deal.

    by Web Admin | Aug 05, 2016

    This trap is easy to fall into. The price looks great for the initial purchase, but costs compound over the life of the product when dealing with hassles, potential down-time, material failures or less than stellar service. What appeared to be a great deal, can quickly turn into a budget busting nightmare.


    That’s why we don’t compromise our quality standards to undercut the competition. At Lowen Color Graphics we keep an eye on the life-cycle cost of your graphics. Your purchase price comes with peace of mind that hidden expenses are not going to pop up as your graphics age and wear.


    As you compare prices on your next project, we encourage you to compare apples to apples. Many companies will make what seem like small substitutions in materials or production methods in order to artificially undercut competitors. It is these shortcuts that can increase cost exponentially in the long run. Sometimes few extra dollars up front can save you real money and headaches in the end.


    Graphics from Lowen come with the reassurance of 66 years of experience in the industry, a commitment to quality, and the 3M™ MCS™ warranty (the most comprehensive in the industry). Most importantly, we provide our customers the lowest price available on the best quality and service in the industry.  Let us show you what we can do for your fleet graphics program. Call today to get started.

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  • Stand Out with Reflective Vinyl

    by Web Admin | Aug 01, 2016
    Stand Out with Reflective Vinyl

    Reflective vinyl is a great option for brands that want to cut through the advertising noise and stand out. They look vibrant in bright light and provide contrast in limited light situations including rain, early morning, late evening, cloudy days, and at night. The 24/7 visibility of reflective film increases visual impressions by 40 percent over non-reflective material. More visibility also yields improved safety for the driver and other vehicles.

    Reflective vinyl’s advantages make it an attractive option for fleets of all sizes. It is ideal for full-coverage graphics, but reflective components can also be included as part of a non-reflective design. Brand logos, accent overlays and safety decals are great options for incorporating reflective vinyl. Reflective vinyl is compatible with digital or conventional screen printing and easily cut to shape. Applied and removed with standard installation practices. Reflective graphics from Lowen are produced in accordance with 3M guidelines and covered by the 3M™ MCS™ warranty, the most comprehensive warranty available.

    With unmatched versatility, the uses for reflective vinyl are only limited by imagination. Any fleet should consider reflective vinyl for the multitude of benefits. If you’re interested in learning more, our experienced team is ready to help. We look forward to helping you discover the possibilities of reflective vinyl.

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  • Lowen Color Graphics at NAFA and NPTC 2016

    by Web Admin | Apr 21, 2016

    NAFA Booth # 1013
    NPTC Booth # 417

    Stop by and enter to win a custom wrapped Power Wheels Ford F-150, check out the Corvette, grab a t-shirt or some other great swag and find out what makes Lowen Color Graphics “agile!”

    Lowen Color Graphics at NAFA and NPTC 2016 with a Corvette, and a wrapped Power Wheels Ford F-150

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  • Are you harnessing the advertising power of your fleet?

    by Web Admin | Mar 10, 2016
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  • Reflecting on Safety: How reflective graphics increase the safety of your fleet.

    by Web Admin | Oct 12, 2015

    A disproportionate number of accidents occur at night and when visibility is decreased. Low light and low contrast situations have been shown to increase reaction and stop times. Reflective graphics can be utilized at different levels, from full coverage to select overlays and on top of increasing your vehicles’ visibility, can also deliver as many as 50% more impressions – day and night.

    3M reflective sheeting bounces light from streetlights and vehicle headlights back toward the eyes of surrounding drivers, making the vehicle appear brighter and easier to see. Reflective graphics are a cost effective way to increase the visibility of your fleet in low light situations, not only at night but also at dusk and during in-climate weather. 

    Some worry that the use of reflective film can be expensive, however when used strategically with assistance from Lowen Color Graphics’ team of design experts, elements of reflective vinyl can increase your fleet’s visibility without breaking the bank. In the end, the cost savings from avoided accidents can easily eclipse the expense.

    Lowen Color Graphics is an industry leader with a team of experts ready to find just the right mix of reflective vinyl to make your fleet both highly visible and recognizable within your budget. Contact us today to get started!

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  • Recruit with your Fleet

    by Web Admin | Aug 24, 2015


    The driver shortage is not news to anyone in the trucking industry right now, and at the same time it is big news. Trucking remains the best way to get most cargo from point A to point B across the continent. The American Trucking Association recently announced that driver recruitment will be one of their lead topics at this year’s ATA Management Conference Exhibition in Philadelphia. With trucking employment almost back to its pre-recession peak, the problem is only expected to get worse. You can always build more trucks and increase the size of the fleet, but without good drivers willing to get behind the wheel, growth is limited.

    There is talk that the solution is coming in the way of driverless trucks — just look at Google’s driverless car. There is no doubt that technology is in the works, but the amount of development, infrastructure, testing and regulation needed to make it a viable option also make it no help right now.

    The problem is a complicated one with many causes but comes down to a few simple truths: in the current situation there is a limited pool from which to draw qualified drivers. The long term solution is to attract more people to the profession — again a complicated proposition and one that will need to be tackled by the industry as a whole. But in the short term, fleet managers need to take their message to where the drivers are.

    We are seeing a trend of companies using fleet graphics to attract drivers on the road. The once simple “driver’s wanted” decal is being replaced by large, sometimes full coverage graphics with compelling messages luring current and potential drivers to find out more. A great example is Central Refrigerated Service, who uses one side of their trucks for general recruitment while using the other to specifically recruit those with a military background and to spread the word on their specialized training for active and retired military.

    Your greatest weapon in the driver shortage could be the trucks you already have on the road. From full coverage graphics to overlaid messages, we can help you fully utilize your fleet as mobile recruitment tools — bringing the message to the road and the drivers to you! Contact us today to get started.


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  • Honor Our Troops

    by Web Admin | Jul 02, 2015

    The time is quickly approaching. Families with gather for cookouts and pool parties. Communities will come together and light up the sky with colorful displays. Bands will march down Main Street in towns across the USA. The stores are stocked up with watermelon and apple pie and you can bet there is a sale on hot dog buns this week. Saturday is Independence Day.


    Every year, all across the United States we take a collective pause on the fourth day of July to celebrate the freedom we all enjoy and the battles won to secure that freedom. While we may be celebrating long past victories, our hearts also honor those who continue to serve and sacrifice in support of this great nation.


    With half a million active duty troops and personnel deployed around the world, what better reminder to show support back home? A number of companies are using their fleets to do just that, and in a big way.


    Some companies, such as Kroger, have wrapped trailers to thank our troops which have been used in local parades as well as on regular routes. Saddle Creek Logistics Services is a proud supporter of Wreaths Across America and shows their support with a full color graphic wrap. Central Refrigerated Service uses their trucks to spread the word on their specialized training for active and retired military, as they call it C.R.A.F.T (Central Refrigerated Armed Forces Training.)


    We owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women in uniform who put their lives aside to protect the freedoms that many of us take for granted. It is possible that your company has some way that they give back and support the troops already. Why not show it in a big way and remind others to do the same?

  • Leaping Forward

    by Web Admin | Jun 01, 2015

    It is an exciting time at Lowen Color Graphics as we roll out our new HP Latex 3000 printer. This revolutionary, heat-cured latex printer is a leap forward for the industry — it’s not just better than the latex printers we had, it’s the best there is. 

    So, what has us so excited? What’s so good about it?


    Here is how the HP Latex 3000 compares to its predecessors:



    • Faster Setup
    • 2.5x times faster printing
    • Dual media rolls (up to 60” each)



    • Ink bonds solidly to material right off the printer, reducing the chance of damage and reprints
    • Spot on panel to panel matching
    • 1200 dpi resolution
    • Larger color gamut
    • Able to match 20% more Pantone colors within an acceptable range
    • Superior color consistency and predictability from order to order


    Here at Lowen Color Graphics we don’t just keep up with the times, we lead the pack. This is one more example of how we do that.


    Check out this video for a little taste of why we are so excited.

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  • Lowen Color Graphics In the Spotlight with Agile Fleet Branding

    by Web Admin | May 26, 2015

    Lowen Color Graphics is getting media attention with its recent launch of Agile Fleet Branding.

    "Their expertise includes every step of the fleet branding process, from design to large-scale production, certified expert installation and project management. They are now packaging these capabilities as Agile Fleet Branding – a powerful tool built from decades of experience successfully managing some of North America’s largest fleet branding programs." Click here to go to the full article on

    "Lowen Color Graphics, a longtime national provider of “fleet graphics” and their expert installation, is taking its services a step further..." Click here to go to the full article from this Sunday's Hutchinson News.

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  • Lowen Color Graphics Announces the Release of Agile Fleet Branding

    by Web Admin | May 26, 2015

    Hutchinson, KS — Lowen Color Graphics has announced the release of “Agile Fleet Branding,” the nation’s first single-source, turnkey solution designed specifically for fleet branding projects.

    For 65 years Lowen Color Graphics has provided graphics to fleets of all sizes and in that time has become the nation’s largest and most experienced fleet graphics specialist. Their expertise includes every step of the fleet branding process – from design, to large scale production, certified expert installation and project management. They are now packaging these capabilities as “Agile Fleet Branding” — a powerful tool built from decades of experience successfully managing some of North America’s largest fleet branding programs.

    “Our ability to handle every step of the fleet branding process in-house allows us to carefully orchestrate even the most complex fleet branding projects — to meet tight deadlines while also ensuring our high standard of superior quality, value and service throughout,” said Roger Borth, Executive Vice President and General Manager.

    Last year, Lowen Color Graphics introduced the Lowen Installation Alliance, their industry-leading network of Lowen Certified/3M Preferred graphics installers — the nation’s largest and only of its kind. To join the Alliance, an installer is trained and tested at Lowen Certified, their 3M Preferred™ training and testing facility. Each installation project is analyzed and managed from start to finish by a dedicated team of installation project managers who oversee site surveys, space planning, and scheduling. Agile provides customers with convenient online access to updates including completion photos and progress reports throughout each project.

    Lowen Color Graphics is a proven leader in large fleet branding projects. In 2014 they completed the rebranding of the US FOODS fleet, one of the largest in the country. 13,500 tractor trailer rigs needed old graphics removed and full coverage graphics installed in their place. Lowen produced all of the graphics in their Hutchinson, Kansas manufacturing facility while partnering with 30 teams from their network of certified installers who worked simultaneously throughout the nation. The project encompassed 37 separate locations in 28 states and was completed in just 24 months, start to finish.

    Earlier this year they proved their mettle again when completed a project for Cablevision, a Northeastern U.S. telecom company. While a smaller project in scope, it offered some extra challenges in both its complexity and execution. The 2500 vehicles were a combination of Ford Transit Connects, jitneys, vans and utility trucks — each also needing removal of old graphics as well as installation of new full coverage graphics. The project had to be meticulously planned to ensure that each unit received the correct copy, the correct serial numbered decal, and the correct wrapped color out of the six choices. The installations were performed by members of the Lowen Installation Alliance at 31 separate locations, many of which had no indoor facilities, by Lowen Certified Installers. The entire project, from graphics production to installation, was completed within six months, with 80% completed within the first four.

    “These are just two of hundreds of examples of successful fleet branding projects we have handled over the years,” said Darren Keller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing . “We provide experienced project management, award winning creative services, unbeatable production capacity, dedicated installation coordinators, online information portal and certified installation — all from one reliable source. Agile Fleet Branding allows you to leave the details to us, ensuring success through simplicity.”

    To obtain a free quote on your next fleet branding project contact or call 800.835.2365.

    Lowen Color Graphics, a division of Lowen Corporation, manufactures premium fleet graphics for the nation’s leading brands and trucking companies. The company’s advanced expertise coupled with a world-class production facility deliver superior brand solutions through every step of the fleet branding process, from creative design to production, installation and project management. Lowen Color Graphics is the only graphics manufacturer with a 3M Preferred™ installation training and testing facility, Lowen Certified. Lowen Color Graphics has built a reputation for dependability, quality of the highest standard and providing customers with superior value since 1950. For more information visit

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  • Great Showing at 2015 NAFA and NPTC

    by Web Admin | May 14, 2015

    April was a busy month for our sales and marketing staff. Lowen Color Graphics exhibited at the North American Fleet Association’s Annual Institute and Expo held this year in Orlando, Florida on April 15th and 16th. After a brief stop back at headquarters they were off to Cincinnati, Ohio for the National Private Truck Council’s Annual Conference and Exhibition which was held the last weekend of April.


    Lowen Color Graphics recently launched Agile Fleet Branding, which we are highlighting at all of our trade shows throughout the year. When it came time to plan our trade show booths, we thought “What is more Agile than race car?”


    The centerpiece of both booths was a car, wrapped to mimic 3M’s Jeff Gordon NASCAR. For NPTC, a Corvette was wrapped in 3M 1080 white satin aluminum with various overlays — some produced digitally, some conventionally, then sent through cutting and finishing before heading out to shipping and installation at Lowen Certified. Like so many of our projects, every department was involved in some way — and it turned out flawless. But, of course, we accept no less. Our ability to handle every step of a project internally, from conceptual design through production and installation, allows us to maintain the Lowen standard of quality throughout. Once completed it began its trek from Hutchinson, Kansas, driven by our VP of Sales and Marketing Darren Keller, to Cincinnati for the show that weekend.


    All along the route he received countless compliments on the workmanship of the wrap in transit to the show through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio as well as during the show from our customers, prospects and even our competitors!

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  • Lowen Color Graphics at NAFA 2015 in Orlando!

    by Web Admin | Apr 13, 2015
    Lowen Color Graphics at NAFA
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  • Lowen Produces Bus Wraps for 2015 College Football Championsip

    by Web Admin | Jan 22, 2015

    by Rebekah Starkey Keasling

    Hutchinson, KS - On January 12, 2015, the Oregon Ducks and the Ohio State Buckeyes will face off in the first ever College Football Playoffs National Championship game in Arlington, Texas. Thanks to a local, family owned company, they will be arriving to the game in style.

    Lowen Color Graphics was hired by Performance Awards Center to create ten vehicle wraps for the ten busses that will carry both teams to the Championship game. Five busses wrapped for Oregon, five for Ohio State. Of course, they didn’t know who would be going until after the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl were complete.

    All graphics sets had to be produced and shipped within 24 hours, an impossible feat were it not for the experienced people and state-of-the-art equipment at Lowen Color Graphics — the largest single-source fleet graphics provider in North America and an undisputed leader in the industry.

    In order to meet the tight deadline, the whole operation was orchestrated down to the smallest detail for each possible outcome of the semi-final games. Lowen Color Graphics’ Customer Service Representatives worked closely with their Prepress Department and the people at Performance Awards Center to ensure that art was designed and approved for all four possible contenders: Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State and Alabama. All were ready to go to production with just a phone call.

    “I have been a client of Lowen Color Graphics for over ten years.  Working with their Senior Account Manager, along with Lowen’s internal staff and the most up to date equipment I’ve found to date I have been very pleased with the quality, clarity, communications, delivery and cost every time.  It’s nice to have a supplier that consistently delivers.  They have also produced everything from bus wraps, tractor and trailer wraps, stadium signage & concession trailers for our extensive collegiate clientele,” said Jon Cooperstein, Director / Sports Division of Performance Awards.

    The evening of January 1st, while most companies were closed for the holiday, Lowen Color Graphics had essential production personnel standing by here in Hutchinson awaiting the result as the Rose Bowl wrapped up in Pasadena, California. Within 30 minutes of the game’s end, the Ducks’ graphics were on the presses.

    When the Sugar Bowl was completed in New Orleans, Louisiana a few hours later, the Buckeyes’ wrap went straight into production as well. Once the graphics had been printed - including over 5,000 feet of window film and 90 - 54” inch vinyl panels, they went through a precise finishing process in accordance with 3M MCS™ warranty standards. All of the graphics were produced on 3M IJ3552C Changeable film to remove with ease the day after the Championship. The graphics were then shipped to two separate locations in Texas, where the installation took place.

    Tight communication between the two companies was key throughout the process, right up to the end. In fact, Performance Awards Center was hoping to have the graphics shipped by Saturday to leave them just enough time to be installed for the trip, but Lowen pushed through and had them out the door by end of business Friday.

    “We welcome tight deadlines — it is one of the things that sets Lowen Color Graphics apart. We will go the extra mile to not only meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed them every time. If a client makes a seemingly impossible request, we start with yes and then make a plan to get it done,” said Roger Borth, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Lowen Color Graphics.

    Keep an eye out for the busses when No. 4 Ohio State takes on No. 2 Oregon, Monday night for the College Football Playoffs National Championship.

  • New Website Unveiled

    by Katie Gilmore | Jan 31, 2014

    Lowen Color Graphics unveiled a new website February 4, 2014. Lowen’s new website,, caters to time-strapped customers, prospects, and vendors with its prominent placement of the most desired features and information, including pricing request, account sign-in, submit art, and contact information. To help visitors reach their destination quickly, the site’s content is organized to create a logical navigation, and inserted calls to action that point visitors in the direction of what they need.

    “While ensuring that visitors have an efficient, productive experience, the website communicates Lowen Color Graphics’ reputation and conveys our position as a thriving, innovative business,” said Darren Keller, Vice President Sales and Marketing.

    The dynamic website features a modern, colorful design and is divided into three sections: fleet & vehicle graphics, commercial graphics, and OEM graphics. Using techniques of responsive web design, Lowen Color Graphics’ new site adapts to any device, presenting an intuitive, user-friendly experience regardless of screen size. The site was designed using SEO best practices. This detailed process delivers a high page ranking and presence on search engines; a critical need in today’s information overload.

    The revamped site reflects Lowen Corporation’s updated brand identity, which began rolling out last year throughout six operating divisions. A logo for each division is featured in the website footer.

    Lowen Color Graphics provides premium graphics to the nation’s leading brands. The company’s comprehensive expertise coupled with an industry-leading manufacturing facility deliver superior brand solutions. Lowen Color Graphics is dedicated to continuing the same high standards of quality product and customer satisfaction today as it has since 1950.  For more information visit  

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  • Lowen Color Graphics Partners to Shine Spotlight on Safety

    by Katie Gilmore | Jan 31, 2014

    Fleet graphics offer limitless possibilities. Any message can be broadcast on a vehicle. The California Trucking Association is leveraging fleet graphics to communicate the importance of “No-Zone” safety. “No-Zones” are dangerous truck blind spots, in which vehicles “disappear” from the view of the driver increasing the risk of accidents.


    To grow awareness of “No-Zone” safety, CTA partnered with Lowen Color Graphics and Hyundai Translead. Vibrant, full-coverage trailer graphics were designed and produced by Lowen. The trailer graphics were designed to emphasis strategic messaging. A multiple-vehicle highway pictorial spans the trailer graphics. Yellow striping indicate dangerous “No-Zone” areas. Graphics installation was completed by trailer manufacturer Hyundai Translead at no cost.

    The “No-Zone” message was introduced by the Federal Highway Administration to educate the public about how to safely share the road with commercial vehicles. Since the introduction of the “No-Zone” in 1994, organizations nationwide have worked to increase public recognition in an effort to influence the motoring public’s driving behavior.

    KKW Trucking Inc., Mountain Valley Express and Dependable Highway Express have each added a “No-Zone” trailer to their fleet. KKW anticipates producing three more wrapped trailers in 2014, one trailer in each fiscal quarter. CTA’s goal is to have 10 – 12 trailers wrapped with “No-Zone” graphics by the end of 2014. “No-Zone” trailer wraps are a project of CTA’s public relations and image committee. 

    An article was published in the December 23 issue of Transport Topics. 

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  • Lowen Color Graphics Exhibits at International Dairy Show

    by Katie Gilmore | Dec 23, 2013

    Lowen Color Graphics was hard to miss at the 2013 International Dairy Show. Our 10 x 20 booth featured a full-sized Mini Cooper wrapped with premium 3M vinyl graphics.


    Many in the dairy industry already understand the power of fleet graphics. While their fleet is out transporting product or making deliveries, vehicle graphics can generate millions of impressions for pennies. Fleet graphics are the most cost-effective form of advertising available.

    For those at the International Dairy Show not familiar with fleet graphics we were ready to answer questions. We’ve built our reputation on successfully transforming fleets into bold and effective marketing tools. We work with companies nationwide to brand a single vehicle or a national, multi-location fleet of vehicles.

    Accompanying the full-sized Mini Cooper was a child’s battery operated version with identical graphics.  Visitors to the booth had the opportunity to submit their business card for a chance to win the child’s Mini Cooper. Todd Froebel was the lucky winner selected.

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